Posted by: bluesyemre | February 1, 2021

This elaborately armored #Samurai was folded from a single sheet of #paper

Juho Könkkölä is a 23-year-old Finnish origami artist, who brings ideas into reality by folding paper. With over 15 years of experience in folding origami models, his focus is on creating expressive human characters. The characters get their inspiration from history, folk tales, mythologies, books, movies, video games, and real-life observations. Every artwork is folded from a single square sheet of paper, without any cutting. The creation process of one character can take several months of work. He is very enthusiastic to learn new skills and refine his art techniques to accomplish even the wildest ideas.

Juho Könkkölä spent upwards of 50 hours scoring and folding just one sheet of Wenzhou rice paper to create this painstakingly detailed samurai complete with plated armor, traditional helmet, and sword. Beginning with a 95 x 95-centimeter page, the 23-year-old Finnish artist used a combination of wet and dry origami techniques to shape the 28-centimeter-tall warrior of his own design. “There are several hundreds of steps to fold it from the square and there are probably thousands of individual folds,” he said in a statement, noting that crafting the geometric patterns for the armor was the most difficult. “The asymmetry in the design allowed me to include (a) sword on only one arm while being able to make the character look symmetric.”

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