Posted by: bluesyemre | February 14, 2021

How European #HigherEducation Libraries Enhance Sustainable Teaching And Learning By Addressing OE And OER Issues by #CécileSwiatek

Cécile Swiatek (ABDU and European Network of Open Education Librarians at SPARC Europe): How European Higher Education Libraries enhance sustainable teaching and learning by addressing OE and OER issues.

This video provides background and supplemental information on the role of university libraries in enhancing sustainable education provision through open education and open education resources, based on the question how higher education institutions can benefit from including academic and research libraries in defining policies and supporting open scholarship practices. The video is based on a presentation that will be delivered at the 2021 European Learning & Teaching Forum.

The European Learning & Teaching Forum is an EUA event that provides an opportunity for participants to meet and discuss developments in learning and teaching at European universities. The Forum builds on EUA’s work with its member universities on this topic. Alongside the bottom-up approach, the Forum makes use of EUA’s extensive policy work in European higher education. The Forum is an ideal event for vice-rectors for academic affairs, deans, and management involved in learning and teaching. It also welcomes students, policy-makers and other stakeholders in higher education.

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