Posted by: bluesyemre | February 21, 2021

Digitisation in Libraries: To What Extent has Corona Given a Boost?

Partner Countries of the EconBiz partner network

The impact of the corona pandemic has been a huge challenge for libraries, institutes and infrastructures around the world. But to what extent has this crisis also proved to be an accelerator for digitisation in these institutions? We asked eight of them …

by Susanne Daalsgaard Krag, Aida Maria Ismail, Vasiliki Mole, Rajen Munoo, Christine Okret-Manville, Tamara Pianos, Corey Seeman, Claudia Sittner, Klaus Tochtermann, and Deb Wallace

Together with the partners from the EconBiz network, we set out to find the effects of the corona pandemic on digitisation in (digital infrastructure) institutes, libraries and workplaces around the world. The international EconBiz partner network started in 2012 and has 40 partners in many different countries.

COVID-19 learnings at AU Library / The Royal Danish Library
by Susanne Dalsgaard Krag, Denmark

More Online Meetings and Events, online-connectedness
and future café at the ZBW
by Klaus Tochtermann, Germany

Pandemic Pains Pivots Possibilities at Singapore Management University Libraries
by Rajen Munoo, Singapore

COVID-19 and Dauphine-PSL library: Pushing electronic resources
and self-training to the fore
by Christine Okret-Manville, France

Jaws: how Koç University Suna Kıraç Library fought against the pandemic
and managed to hunt the beast down
by Vasiliki Mole, Turkey

Kresge Library Services and the Great Flip of 2020: Innovation & COVID-19
by Corey Seeman, USA

COVID-19 Inspired Innovation at Harvard Business School’s Baker Library
by Deb Wallace, USA

Students support SMEs during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Aida Maria Ismail, Malaysia

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