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Live in 2020 @ The Coach House Concert Hall #WalterTrout (

Just before lockdown 2020 my compadre Michael Leasure snuck me and my cameras into the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano where Walter Trout kicked off his 2020 US Tour. The place was packed, SOLD-OUT and Standing Room Only. Here’s what I got:
Marie Trout – Intro
Walter Trout – guitar/vocals
Teddy ‘zig-zag’ Andreadis – keys/B-3/bgv/harp
Johnny Griparic – bass
Michael Leasure – drums/bgv

Anthony Grisham – guitar
Bill Mason – B-3
Bob Landgraff – harp

All cameras/edit/post vid/post audio: Casey Reagan
LIVE @ The Coach House:
Intro – Marie Trout
1). I Can Tell (Walter Trout) – Walter Trout ‘Tellin’ Stories’ 1994
2). Me, My Guitar and the Blues (Jimmy Dawkins) – Walter Trout ‘Survivor Blues’ 2019
3). Put It Right Back (Walter Trout) – Walter Trout ‘Deep Trout’ 2005
4), Saw My Mama Cryin’ (Walter Trout) – Walter Trout ‘Blues For The Modern Daze’ 2012
5). Common Ground [w/Anthony Grisham] (Walter Trout) – Walter Trout ‘Common Ground’ 2010
6). Fly Away (Walter Trout) – Walter Trout ‘Battle Scars’ 2015
7). Obstacles In My Way (Walter Trout) Walter Trout ‘Walter Trout’ 1997
8). Go The Distance (Walter Trout) ‘Walter Trout ‘Go The Distance’ 2001
9). Ride Till I’m Satisfied [w/Bill Mason] (Walter Trout) – Walter Trout ‘Go The Distance’ 2001
10). Blues For Jimmy T [w/Bob Landgraff & Anthony Grisham] (Walter Trout) – Walter Trout ‘We’re All In This Together’ 2017
11). Gonna Hurt Like Hell [w/Bob Landgraff & Anthony Grisham] (Walter Trout) Walter Trout ‘We’re All In This Together’ 2017
12). I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan) Walter Trout ‘Live Trout’ 2000

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