Posted by: bluesyemre | March 15, 2021

The World’s Most Innovative Companies 2021 by #FastCompany

Business as usual is over. Companies around the globe, in every industry, have spent the past 12 months confronting challenges both practical and existential. Some have failed. Many have simply survived. A select few have flourished, remaking their businesses and illuminating the way forward for others. These are the businesses we’re celebrating on our annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.

From the biotech firms behind the first mRNA vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) to a real estate developer creating high-quality affordable housing (Stablegold Hospitality), the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies address a society remade by COVID-19. Many of them pioneered business models that are now accelerating: Peloton and Zwift, for example, are riding at-home fitness in new directions. Others are taking us to entirely different places, whether it’s the cosmos (SpaceX) or the backwoods (Hipcamp). To determine this year’s Top 50, Fast Company editors and reporters mined our lists of the Top 10 companies by industry for organizations that embody creative problem-solving and fearlessness in the face of crisis. Here are the ones that rose above, along with the business trends they’re advancing.

01Moderna For making a COVID-19 vaccine that can travel

01Pfizer-BioNTech For being first to market with an effective COVID-19 vaccine

03Shopify For giving small shops a lifeline

04SpaceX For flying past competitors in the space race

05SpringHill Company For marrying entertainment with social justice through Hollywood content

06Epic Games For challenging Big Tech hegemony—and possessing a vision to build something better

07Netflix For making Black audiences central to its programming strategy

08Tock For restoring the advantage to restaurants and small businesses battered by the coronavirus

09Microsoft For firing on all cylinders

10Graphika For tracking disinformation campaigns around the world through the 2020 elections and beyond

11Ping An Good Doctor For demonstrating how large-scale telehealth services can work

12Outschool For making remote learning fun

13National Basketball Association For blowing the best bubble

14Snap For bridging reality with mini apps

15Asana For helping teams meet their goals

16Biobot Analytics For using sewage to detect the next surge

17Nike For reclaiming its relationship with its customers

18Ben & Jerry’s For pioneering corporate activism

19Sony Interactive Entertainment For leveling up yet again

20Seegene For producing a COVID-19 diagnostic test and taking it global, sending more than 55 million test kits to 67 countries

21goTRG For refurbishing and recycling returned merchandise, and saving money (and the planet) in the process

22Corning For addressing more of our fumbled-phone anxieties

23Farfetch For digitizing the high-street boutique and putting it on China’s Tmall

24Marqeta For creating the toolbox for virtual credit cards for Chase, Square, Uber, and more

25Ruangguru For livestreaming school for free to 10 million students during lockdown

26Lululemon For reflecting what customers want by buying Mirror, a sleek, interactive, at-home fitness system

27Aclima For providing deeper understanding of pollution—one block at a time

28Get Shift Done For tackling both job loss and hunger by paying hospitality workers to fill food-bank shifts

29NBCUniversal For proactively moving its traditional businesses into the future

30Hipcamp For bringing camping closer to home in a year when we all needed to get outside

31Panera Bread For finding creative solutions for getting coffee, groceries, and meals to customers during the pandemic

32Puris For amping up the alt-meat industry with a high-protein pea variety

33Avocados From Mexico For catapulting humble produce into a covetable branded product

34Hermès For creating aspirational products designed to last forever, made by an army of skilled craftspeople

35LeoLabs For spotting space junk

36Goodby Silverstein & Partners For balancing Super Bowl hits with anti-racist PSA work

37Credo Beauty For tackling the beauty industry’s packaging problem

38Twilio For facilitating face-to-face communication during an era of social distancing and global lockdown

39SiO2 Materials Science For applying an impossibly thin layer of glass to vials in order to deliver the COVID-19 vaccines

40Teladoc Health For growing to treat patients with diabetes and hypertension via a merger with Livongo

41NotCo For bringing plant-based milk and meat to the masses

42Peloton For motivating consumers to keep working out, even after weeks and months at home

43Snowflake For letting businesses unlock the power of data, no matter what business they’re in

44Brandlive For helping the Biden campaign and others capture the live TV experience

45Substack For giving writers a profitable refuge from the shipwreck of old and new media

46Frubana For digitizing farm-to-table food sourcing

47Getaway For redefining the outdoor retreat

48Zwift For racing into esports

49Skillshare For giving creatives and hobbyists a pandemic outlet

50Stablegold Hospitality For knitting together a housing safety net in struggling cities

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