Posted by: bluesyemre | March 23, 2021

Fagradalsfjall Mountain, Iceland

Fagradalsfjall mountain is a tuya that erupted during the last glaciation under the ice shield. The broader Fagradalsfjall volcanic system comprises an area of eruptive fissures (fissure swarm), cones and lava fields in the southern part of the Reykjanes peninsula. A strong seismic crisis began in the area near Fagradalsfjall since late Feb 2021, interpreted as intrusion of magma at shallow depth. This led to the first historic eruption of the volcano on 19 March 2021.

The Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwestern Iceland. It is located about 30 kilometers from the country’s capital, Reykjavik. According to Reuters, a crack with a length of 500 to 700 meters formed at the site of the eruption, from which lava beats up to 100 meters high. In the first hours of the eruption, lava spilled over an area of ​​more than one square kilometer (or about 200 football fields). As noted, there has been no volcanic activity in the area since the 12th century. The eruption was preceded by a series of more than 40 thousand small earthquakes recorded on the peninsula in the past four weeks. According to the Icelandic Meteorological Office, the eruption does not pose a threat to the population and infrastructure.

We were lucky to explore Iceland’s new volcano eruption on Reykjanes Peninsula at Fagradalsfjall in Geldingadalur just hours after it started. The lava flows were very impressive and this was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen!

Fagradalsfjall Volcano Eruption, Iceland The eruption of Fagradalsfjall began at about 20:45 GMT on 19 March 2021. The fissure is about 500-700 metres long (1,640-2,300 ft), south-west of Iceland’s capital Reykjavik on Reykjanes peninsula. The last eruption there was some 800 years ago. Iceland has recorded more than 50,000 earthquakes in the past three weeks. Recorded: March 2021 by Radek7001

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