Posted by: bluesyemre | June 15, 2021

Japan Search (Find digital archives in Japan)

Japan Search links digital archives in the publications, cultural properties, and media arts fields and organizes metadata of varying of contents preserved by Japanese institutions and organizations into a searchable “national, integrated and cross-sectoral portal website”. Aside from providing searchable aggregated metadata, Japan Search provides metadata in a user-friendly format and also plays a vital role as a foundation for promoting content utilization.

For the latest number of instututions, databases and metadata integrated in Japan Search, please consult “Dashboard” section.

Digital archives contribute not only to use related to the preservation, inheritance, and transmission of culture, tourism and regional development, education and research, and business– digital archives also promote new values and innovation. By linking digital archives from a wide variety of fields and regions, and organizing the various contents preserved by each institution into searchable metadata through Japan Search, clarifying the location of the contents, and enabling Japan’s digital information resources to be found efficiently, we are endeavoring for their effective use throughout Japan.

Through collaboration and cooperation with organizations in a variety of fields, the National Diet Library operates Japan Search under the “Digital Archive Japan Promotion Committee and the Practitioner Review Committee“(Bureau: Cabinet Office Intellectual Property Promotion Strategy Bureau) policies.

(Related Policies)

This report explains the status of development of Japan Search, the method how Japan Search aggregate and provide metadata, cooperation policy of Japan Search and future plans.

“In order to promote the construction, sharing, and utilization of digital archives, We will release the official version of Japan Search, which forms the basis for digital archives. At the same time, we will strive to build a sustainable operation and operation system while continuing improvements and improvements to improve usability.”

For the past policies and plans, please consult the “Archive” section.

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