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I Love Being a #Librarian Because: Top Reasons Why #Librarians Love Their Job

The Librarianship Studies & Information Technology blog organized a contest for completing the slogan “I Love Being a Librarian Because…” which received an overwhelming response from librarians all over the world.

The select slogans which were featured on the blog are given here, in no qualitative order. The founder of the blog, Salman Haider, posted the first slogans himself where he expressed his feelings of being a proud librarian and cataloger in three different ways. Read below why librarians all over the world love their profession:

I love being a librarian because…

1. “I love being a librarian because for me nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library.”
–Salman Haider (b. 1977. Librarian, cataloger, blogger, and creator of Librarianship Studies & Information Technology blog, India)

2. “I love being a librarian because my services as a librarian is a way to serve my nation as strong libraries build strong researchers and informed researchers build strong nations.”
–Salman Haider

3. “I love being a librarian because I want to help people find the information they need, whether it is in books, articles, or databases, etc. by way of creating metadata about knowledge resources which makes them discoverable.”
–Salman Haider

4. “I love being a librarian because I can help people find the information they want and also information they wanted but didn’t know it existed.”
–Andrew Kosmowski, SM (Librarian at University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio Area, United States)

5. “I love being a cataloger because I love making order out of chaos and helping people around the world find things they want AND things they didn’t even know they wanted.”
–Rich Murray (Principal Cataloger at Duke University, United States)

6. “I love it [being a librarian] because I change the future either by teaching kids to love reading or organizing the knowledge of today in a way that librarians of the future will find it. We are the products of 4000 years of librarianship that has been passed down personally to the next generation. If we don’t save it, 200 years from now it will not be around.”
–Anni West LaPrise (Librarian at State of Ohio, United States)

7. “I love being a librarian because it is more than just organizing or shelving books. I can be a community educator, organizer, and innovator while enhancing my creativity in ways that will benefit the community as well as the library itself! Being a librarian has so much to offer in a sense that I am able to share my librarian skills, be it at problem solving, researching, retrieving, or information literacy, to the patrons. After all, that’s what I’m here for; to serve and fulfill the community needs.”
–Veronica Estrop (Librarian at Sabah State Libary, Malaysia)

8. “I love being librarian because i’m being an instrument for the people to enhance their skills and knowledge through me by sharing what i learned through my studies and learn from other trends that librarians can disseminate or echo to the people who wants to learn even they’re not going to school to studies. Librarian like me are like heroes for those uneducated people who want to learn from libraries where they can find librarians like me.”
–Wilma Bitmal (Librarian at STI Bacoor, Philippines)

9. “I love being a librarian because I can spend every day on two things I really like to do… helping other people and be surrounded by books; it’s like it’s not even work at all.”
–Louise Ian de los Reyes Aquino (Head Librarian, Metro-Dagupan Colleges, Philippines)

10. “I love being a librarian because I can turn the library into a “playground” where the community can have fun, connect, interact and have lasting relationships with people and books.”
–Louise Ian de los Reyes Aquino (Head Librarian, Metro-Dagupan Colleges, Philippines)

11. “I love being a librarian because I love the reciprocity of my work. Everyday is a learning experience with our library clients and in turn they learn as well.”
–Louise Ian de los Reyes Aquino (Head Librarian, Metro-Dagupan Colleges, Philippines)

12. “I love being a librarian because I connect the students, faculty, and researchers with relevant information, so that they can create new knowledge.”
–Kavita Chaddha (Library In-charge, IIM Lucknow, Noida, India)

13. “I love being a librarian because I find pleasure in being a part of that unique sense of comfort the Library provides. Either in their need for knowledge, resources or the facilities, to connect with the community and exact the effort to fulfill all these always generate a feeling of content in self.”
–Ron Elly (Webmaster, Sabah State Library, Malaysia)

14. “I love being a Librarian because I have the power to be the doctor of knowledge, to share the information to all the people, to push them to study or read more books, articles, Journals, educational websites, Librarians can share the academic research to the whole world. Socrates said that didn’t know anything.. Librarians doesn’t know anything but they are able to help anyone to find whatever is looking for.”
–Chrystalla Filippou (Librarian at UCLan, Cyprus)

15. “I love being a Librarian because I believe knowledge is power.”
–Marina Perivolari (Librarian FORTH / ICE-HT, Greece)

16. “I love being a librarian because in the library I have freedom of information and thought. I feel connected with the past, I can help people with their information needs at the present, in order to help them build their future.”
–Mariana Barna (Bibliotecaria Documentalista, Argentina)

17. “I love the librarian because there is something new to learn and teach every day. Every day, you are in touch with the information about each subject and each discipline, and from individuals and visitors, you also learn about their research. A kind of permanent and compulsory education towards growth and excellence.”
–Tayebe Razavi (Librarian at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Library, Iran)

18. “I love being a librarian because I believe that knowledge need to be organized and shared in the right way.”
–Muram Abdelmageed (Librarian at Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates)

19. “Because I love kids and telling them stories and reading books to them. Love to meet new people and help them finding new books and resources.”
–Afia Sohail (Volunteer Enrolment Officer, Library and Information Services, Melbourne, Australia)

20. “I love being a Librarian because here i can serve people… I can help them to motivate, to work for their dreams, to learn something new… in simple terms i can be a part of their success which leads to them forever. They will remember me whenever that success will touch their feet.”
–Bhawna Goswami (Executive-Operations, Refread Solutions Pvt Ltd., India)

21. “Every moment I give a hand, crossing a bridge of information to reach the light of knowledge cause at the end of a walk a smile illuminates all the faces in a beautiful world of help, that’s why I love being a librarian.”
–Amira (librarian at Constantine University in Algeria)

22. “I love being a librarian because I able to provide knowledge to the community I work for, I give light to those who were not aware of certain issues and what is happening lately, I am able to raise a village and I transform minds and make the impossible look possible.”
–Mantji Mamabolo (Librarian at Mulati Public Library in Greater Tzaneen Municipality, South Africa)

23. “I love being a librarian because I love to help others to reach their goals and because I love classification.”
–Aziza Ali Mohamady (Senior librarian and Team leader at Al Manhal, Egypt)

24. “I love being a librarian because I enjoy connecting people to the information they are looking for.”
–Kimberly Rose (Plumb Memorial Library, United States)

25. “I love being a librarian because it is a vocation, helping people to help themselves to reach their needs and goals. Librarians are a sort of a cross between pastors of the mind and doctors of the soul.”
–Janet L. Mente (head librarian of the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome and on the board of the URBS library consortium)

26. “Because they empathically know the ratio of information to disseminate according to user requirement.”
–Manish Soni (Information Scientist, Sikkim University, India)

27. “I love librarians because they empower people to learn, lead and succeed in life in a purely democratic way without any discrimination of power, wealth, caste, color, religion or any other…”
–Yashveer Singh (Business Manager at EBSCO Publishing, India)

28. “I love being a librarian because there is nothing more fascinating for me than providing information to the public.”
–Sonia Teyou (Cameroonian, Journalism student and book lover)

29. “I love being a librarian because I get to organize information, and help spread literacy to children who do not have books in their homes by bicycle through an organization called Ride For Reading. Being a biking librarian is so much fun. I get to help people find information they need, and also keep learning new things.”
–Sally Robertson, Nashville State Community College, Nashville, Tennessee, United States

30. “[I love being a librarian because] I love to see how children search for books and always find them between the many. How they tell stories about what they experienced, how they turn into readers. As a librarian, we do our best to keep them interested in reading and make books easily accessible for them. And that gives a lot of satisfaction.”
–Marjolein van der Vegt (Librarian at Colégio Humboldt, São Paulo, Brazil)

31. “Me encanta trabajar en una biblioteca por el placer de ver la cara de satisfacción de los usuarios cuando encuentran la información que necesitan.”
English translation from Spanish: “I love working in a library for the pleasure of seeing the face of user satisfaction when they find the information they need.”
–Ma. Omaira Rincón (Colombia)

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