Posted by: bluesyemre | July 5, 2021

Udazkena Hemen Surf #Vans

Every summer, tens of thousands of tourists descend upon the Basque Country.
Then autumn comes and the crowds vanish. The leaves on the trees
change colors and the birds fly south towards Africa.
The waves can be big or small.
The wind can be crisp and clean or onshore and gale force.
Sometimes you have to drive a few hours. Sometimes the best waves are right in front of you.
Autumn is full of surprises, but it always produces moments when all the stars align and memories
are created that will last a lifetime. It’s magic — and we want to share that magic with you.

This is a collection of short stories from Autumn Here.

Supported by Vans
Produced by Salt Water Production
Directed & filmed by Salt Water Production & Aljaz Babnik
Additional footage by Martxel Txintxurreta, Nicolas Pina Calvin, Unai Borda & Txomin Sorraits
Edited by Aljaz Babnik
Voice over by Noverek.

Adrien Toyon
Ainara Aymat
Lee-Ann Curren
Margaux Arramon-Tucoo
Jules Lepecheux
Seb Smart
Titouan Boyer
Ethan Egiguren

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