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5 #DigitalLibraries where you can download #Ebooks for free

If you’re looking for free ebooks to download and dive into, these digital libraries are worth checking out.

With the advance of digital technology, more and more people are choosing ebooks and audiobooks over printed books. Amazon alone offers millions of ebooks in every category you could think of. Some are free, while others come with a hefty price tag.

The good news is, you can always head over to a digital library to get the information you need when you need it. You just need to know what to look for. With that being said, check out these five digital libraries for free ebooks, audiobooks, and other online resources.

1. Open Library

Open Library started out as an online project designed to preserve interesting websites, ebooks, and other digital assets. Its founders wanted to “create a web page for every book ever published”.

Today, users can “borrow” and read millions of ebooks for free. All you need to do is to sign up for an account and browse the Open Library. You can even add new books to its collection.

Registered users can also create custom lists of ebooks, such as “Want to Read” or “Have Read”. If you want to add a new book to its collection, register on the Internet Archive, upload your book, and then create an entry on Open Library.

With a quick search, you’ll find ebooks in every genre, from art and sci-fi, to medicine. The history collection, for example, features over 1.6 million titles. Luckily, you can filter the results by subject, by author, and other criteria.

2. Project Gutenberg

Established in 1971, Project Gutenberg aims to digitize books and other cultural works. Today, it features over 60,000 free ebooks that you can download or read online. The best part is, you don’t need an ebook reader or special apps to access the titles in its collection.

Users can narrow down their search by title, by popularity, by author, by language, and by file type. They can also search by subject or by category, such as audiobooks, pictures, or music.

While most ebooks are available in English, some have been published in Arabic, Ancient Greek, Navajo, or Mayan languages. This could be an opportunity to brush up on your language skills or even learn a foreign language from scratch.

Like Open Library, Project Gutenberg offers free ebooks in every category, from history and law to music, psychology, and science. Users also have access to “bookshelves” for specific content.

If, say, you want to learn more about the Spanish American War, you can go directly to that bookshelf instead of browsing through thousands of titles.

3. Internet Archive

Featuring over 32 million ebooks, the Internet Archive is the largest digital library ever created. In addition to free ebooks, its catalog includes 591 billion web pages and millions of videos, concerts, audio files, and software programs.

Think of the Internet Archive as a digital time machine. Some items in its collection date back to the ’90s and are not available anywhere else.

The ebooks are organized by category, but you can also search by collection, by author, by topic, or by year of publishing. There’s also a huge selection of ebooks for those with disabilities. It features popular works such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Jaws, and Dune.

Users have the option to rate and review the books they read. If you find a book that looks interesting, click on it to see what others have to say. After registration, you can upload ebooks and other media files from your personal collection.

4. Wiley Online Library

Whether you’re doing research for an essay, white paper, or science project, it can be difficult to find trustworthy sources. That’s where the Wiley Online Library comes in handy.

This digital library offers over 22,000 online books, 1,600 journals, and hundreds of reference works. Most resources are science-focused, covering all manner of topics.

The Business and Management collection, for example, includes hundreds of ebooks and articles on consumer behavior, management, and business technology.

If you’re ready to learn a new programming language, head over to the Information Technology section. Narrow down your search by publication date, subject, author, or publisher.

5. World Digital Library

Launched in 2009, the World Digital Library selection of rare books, manuscripts, and other materials dating back to 8,000 BC. The collection includes more than 19,000 publications from over 190 countries.

This project was developed by the U.S. Library of Congress and UNESCO, with the purpose of making culture available to everyone. It features thousands of books, photos, and maps that were once only available in museums, so it’s just like visiting these cultural institutions from home.

Anyone can download the books for free. Depending on what you’re interested in, you may want to check out the rare book collection on offer. There’s also the option to search by place, by topic, by time period, by language, or by the institution.

Expand Your Horizons and Keep Learning

As you already know, there’s always room for growth. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on books and courses. Whether you want to learn a new language, develop your skills, or start a project, everything you need is at your fingertips.

For starters, visit these digital libraries and take your pick. Head over to the Internet Archive for a stroll back in time, or check out the World Digital Library to expand your cultural horizons. If you’re doing research for a science paper or work project, go to the Wiley Online Library to get the facts straight.

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