Posted by: bluesyemre | August 9, 2021

8 women-owned businesses in the UK that will inspire you

These women have broken the mold and established businesses that inspire millions of women around the world. These women might have started small, but they grew the businesses to become popular brands. 
Raising money for women business owners isn’t easy, but these women broke the mold and conquered against all uncertainties. About 25% of UK business funding in 2021 went to female entrepreneurs. They grew the businesses and expanded them with the aid of small business loans. Click here to learn more about small business loans for women. Without further ado, here are the top women-owned businesses in the UK that will inspire you. 

COMPASS Pathways
Co-founded by Ekaterina Malievskaia, COMPASS Pathways is a mental-health company that uses psilocybin therapy to help people with depression. The company uses evidence-based research on neuroscience, psychopharmacology, and psychotherapy to achieve this. The company has raised over £102.6 million from investors and is currently listed on NASDAQ.   


Co-founded by Debbie Wosskow and Anna Jones, AllBright is an organization created to provide a community for women at all stages of their business careers. It provides mentorship, support, networking, and training programs for these women. AllBright offers physical meetups as well as training programs with hundreds of courses available for women entrepreneurs as well as career-focused ladies.


Snoop is a startup that uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to help users save more money through its mobile app. The company was founded by Jayne-Anne Gadhia and Cara Norton. The company has raised over £18.2 million in business loans for women. The startup promotes gender equality in business, and it has seen its app downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people.    


MYLKPLUS is an innovative company that sells vegan-friendly and dairy-free nut alternative drinks. The company was founded by Camilla Ainsworth, a young entrepreneur who was the youngest finalist at The Apprentice at the age of 22. MYLKPLUS products do not contain any sugar, preservative, or stabilizers. This company will inspire you with its ethics, branding, and high-quality standards.  


Goodbox is a fintech company that focuses on charities. It brings innovative payment solutions to charities and helps them raise money in better ways. The company was co-founded by Francesca Hodgson, who is also the managing director. Goodbox recognizes that several charities have struggled to integrate and implement modern payment solutions that serve an emerging generation. The company has worked on disruptive technologies like contactless payment during the coronavirus pandemic and data analytics for charities. The company has raised over £17 million in business loans for women.  


Co-founded by Amandine Le Pape, who is also the COO, Element is a web-based software that helps businesses, people, and governments create secure communication channels. Element utilizes VoIP, IP messaging, and other technologies to revolutionize private communication. Element has been used by the United States, German and French governments. The company has raised over £14.3 million from various business loans for women.  


KoruKids is a startup that is focused on affordable and easier childcare for parents, especially women. Founded by Rachel Carell, the company helps to organize healthcare in London. It trains both older and younger nannies on proper childcare, and it connects them to families that need their services.  


LIMA designs and delivers tailor-made IT solutions to businesses across various industries and sectors. The Lisa Thornton founded company delivers IT solutions comprising of data centers, cloud, performance monitoring, and security services. The company has a wide variety of clients that cuts across various industries.


These women-owned businesses have set themselves apart from others. They are UK-based inspiring businesses started by female entrepreneurs. Funding these kinds of businesses is not easy, so you’ll have to depend on small business loans for women for a start. Start small, grow fast, visit the link posted for info on business loans, and who knows? Your company might be the next on the line of inspiring businesses in the UK.

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