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Building Knowledge: New French Libraries Designed for Cultural Exchange

Designers have created civic institutions, governmental centers, public plazas, and many other spaces as testaments to individual and shared values. As spaces for gathering and exchange are necessary elements to urban life, architecture can also act as a vehicle to encourage understanding. Advocating knowledge while empowering the public, libraries celebrate ideas, curiosity and empathy.

France has built many new libraries across the country, buildings that embrace new technology, media, and collection formats. Combining mixed programs and civic amenities, contemporary libraries are rapidly evolving to meet modern demands and anticipate future trends. Libraries are one means by which architects and designers can make space for learning and foster cultural exchange, creating room for education and new ideas. The following work takes a closer look at libraries across France, building upon iconic examples like the National Library of France to ground new ideas on how shared values are discovered, reimagined and expressed.

Pélissanne Media Library, Park and Public Passage


  • Assistant Architects:Gautier Duthoit, David Romero-Uzeda, Javier Gigosos, Diego Bastos-Romero, Olivier Poulat, Margot Machin, Thomas Bukenmeyer, Florent Revel, Théo Petit, Yannick Signani
  • Cost Control And Monitoring :E3 Economie
  • Landscape:Bruno Kubler
  • Roads And Utilities :Lollier Ingénierie
  • City:Pélissanne
  • Country:France

Media Library in Colombes


Media Library of Montauban


MéMo Médiathèque of Monein


Edgar Morin University Library


Media Library [Third-Place] in Thionville


  • Architects In Charge:Dominique Coulon, Steve Letho Duclos
  • Client:Ville de Thionville
  • Architects Assistants:Gautier Duthoit
  • Construction Site Supervision:Steve Letho Duclos
  • Electrical Engineer :BET G.Jost
  • Mechanical Plumbing Engineer :Solares Bauen
  • Cost Estimator :E3 économie
  • Acoustics :Euro sound project
  • Landscape:Bruno Kubler
  • Budget:11 000 000€
  • 3 D Animation:Brooklyn Foundry
  • Mechanical Engineer:Solares Bauen
  • Plumbing Engineer:Solares Bauen
  • City:Thionville
  • Country:France

Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville


  • Architects:OMA + Barcode Architects
  • Partner:Rem Koolhaas
  • Competition Project Manager Client:Barcode Architects: Dirk Peters
  • Competition Associate In Charge:Clément Blanchet
  • Competition Team:Cristina Ampatzidou, Joshua Boyd, Nils Christa, Marc Dahmen, Guillaume Durand, Alice Grégoire, Simon de Jong, Anthony Joyeux, Noémie Laviolle, Clément Périssé, Jos Reinders
  • Aps & Apd Project Manager:Dirk Peters (Barcode Architects), Francisco Martinez (APS & APD)
  • Aps & Apd Associate In Charge:Clément Blanchet
  • Aps & Apd Team:Marek Chytil, Paul Cournet, Lionel Debs, Javier Guijarro, Didzis Jaunzems, Sangwoo Kim, Pierre Jean Le Maitre, Filippo Nanni, Clement Perisse, Maria Aller Rey, Mariano Sagasta, Giulia Scotto
  • Pro & Dce Associate In Charge:Clément Blanchet
  • Pro & Dce Project Leader:Francisco Martinez
  • Pro & Dce Team:Merve Anil, Alicia Casals, Helena Hiriart, Phil Handley, Sangwoo Kim, Byungchan Kim, Pierre Jean Le Maitre, Maria Aller Rey, Mariano Sagasta, Giulia Scotto, Sara Sun
  • Construction Partner:Chris van Duijn
  • Construction Manager:Francois Riollot
  • Construction Project Leader:Francisco Martinez
  • Construction Team:Maria Aller Rey, Julien Miguel, Phelan Heinsohn, Jerome Picard, Jeanne Le Lièvre
  • Architecture Collaborators :Barcode Architects, Clement Blanchet Architecture
  • Engineering:Iosis / Egis Batiments
  • Sustainability & Facade:Elioth
  • Acoustic:RHDHV
  • Scenography:Ducks sceno
  • Renderings / Moving Images:ArtefactoryLab
  • Façade:Robert-Jan van Santen / VS-a group
  • Curtains:Inside Outside
  • Country:France

Public Library in Estaminet


  • Client:Mairie de Grenay
  • Mission:MOP + EXE, MOB, SIGN, OPC
  • Be Fluides:ESTB
  • Be Structures:Alpes Structures
  • Economies:Bougon
  • City:Grenay
  • Country:France

Mont de Marsan Mediatheque


  • Engineer, Economist:Mizrahi
  • Acoustic Designer:Tisseyre & Associés
  • Client:Communauté d’agglomération du Marsan
  • Cost:12 309 000 € Excl. Tax.
  • City:Mont-de-Marsan
  • Country:France

Auneau Cultural Center


  • Engineering Firms:Betom DAL
  • Client:Auneau Town Council
  • Budget:3,8 M€
  • Site Area:1670 sqm
  • City:Auneau
  • Country:France

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