Posted by: bluesyemre | August 24, 2021

The most popular beer in the world, according to new data

New research claims to have uncovered the most popular beer in the world, based on Google search data over the past month, and there are some big surprises in the top five.

Think of the most popular beer in the world and it’s likely that big name brands such as Budweiser and Heineken spring immediately to mind.

However, it seems that the most popular beers in the world in 2021 are somewhat different to our expectations.

UK-based Maxima Kitchen Equipment conducted the research, which used Google search data to compile the list of most popular beers.

Corona did take top spot in the list, with 115,000 global searches for “Corona Beer” over the past month. This further solidifies Corona’s position as the world’s pre-eminent beer brand, after previous research reported by db found that it was the world’s most valuable beer brand.

Surprisingly, Japan’s Sapporo Beer took second place in the most popular beer list, based on Google searches over the past month. It was even the third-most searched beer in the United States.

Rounding out the top five were Modelo, Kingfisher and Asahi respectively, while Heineken just missed out on the top five, coming in sixth place.

Budweiser was way down in 10th place on the most-searched list, and bizarrely featured on neither the UK nor US list of most-searched beers.

Want to learn more about the world’s most popular beers? We recently reported the 20 most popular beers among Millennials, based on research conducted by YouGov.

  1. Blue Moon
  2. Corona
  3. Bud Light
  4. Guinness
  5. Miller
  6. Samuel Adams
  7. Modelo
  8. Corona Light
  9. Stella Artois
  10. Dos Equis
  11. Coors
  12. Redd’s Apple Ale
  13. Fat Tire
  14. Heineken
  15. Budweiser
  16. White Claw
  17. Busch
  18. Shock Top
  19. Pabst Blue Ribbon
  20. Modelo Especial

Using data compiled by international research firm YouGov, we reveal the 20 most popular beers among millennials, and there are some surprising names in with the traditional big hitters.

Though there is some evidence that millennials are not drinking as much as their baby boomer parents, they remain a large and key part of the market for those in the alcohol industry.

Indeed, many brands have changed tact in a bid to tempt more millennial drinkers to align with them, as this article on points out.

We recently brought you news of the 20 most-favoured beers among the baby boomer generation, with whom big name brewers and brands appear to have remained immensely popular.

But what of millennials? While the traditional big hitters still take many of the top spots in the top 20, some more obscure names also find their way into the hearts of younger drinkers.

1. Corona – $5.822 billion
2. Heineken – $5.646 billion
3. Budweiser – $4.79 billion
4. Victoria – $4.038 billion
5. Bud Light – $3.952 billion
6. Snow – $3.445 billion
7. Modelo – $3.365 billion
8. Kirin – $2.853 billion
9. Miller Lite – $2.85 billion
10. Asahi – $2.848 billion

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