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Nominees Best Dutch Library & Best Library Specialist 2021 announced

The jury, consisting of Peter Kok 1 , Hans van Velzen 2 , Jeanine Deckers 3 , Chris Wiersma 4 , Jolanda Robben 5 and Menno Goosen 6 , has compiled the shortlist for the prestigious awards for the Best Library and the Best Library Specialist 2021. From October 1 to October 22, the public and the readers of Bibliotheekblad can vote for the nominees via of the libraries and library specialists will be placed on the website. The awards will be presented on November 2 during a livestream session that will be held at NBD Biblion in Zoetermeer. Further information about registering for this livestream will be announced in due course via the website and social media.

Due to the corona crisis, the number of entries this year was very disappointing compared to previous years. (In 2021: 15 registrations, in 2020, 31 registrations). Some libraries pulled out at the last minute. The reason for this was that they were only open to a limited extent this year, and therefore felt that they could not meet the conditions for participation, although the jury has expressly stated that it takes into account the very difficult situation that libraries found themselves in. The jury, the publisher and the editor-in-chief of Bibliotheekblad, but also the main sponsor NBD Biblion, have decided to let this annual prize go ahead. If only to support the libraries and show that we are proud of the extraordinary achievements that the libraries have delivered in a year when nothing was ordinary.

Best Library
Specialist This year it was also difficult to compile a shortlist for the Best Library Specialist (formerly Best Librarian). Although a reasonable number of 15 applications had been received (many people were registered by colleagues or even visitors to the library), it turned out to the surprise of the jury that a number of nominated specialists did not want to be nominated. Often because those involved were very humble, did not like to be in the spotlight or felt that their achievements were due to their team.

Although the prize for the Best Library Specialist is open to everyone working in the field of public libraries, including employees of related institutions such as POIs, this turned out to be a reason for some candidates to drop out. ‘ I think the prize belongs more to someone who works in the field than to someone who works at a national level and therefore does not have to do with the target group directly. 
The jury thinks this is far too modest. Without these employees, the people in the workplace cannot do their job properly. Finally, a candidate who had been suggested by several people was looking for a career outside the library world, and could not guarantee that she would still be working in the library in 2022. Reason for the jury not to nominate this candidate.

As a result, 9 possible candidates remained on the long list, some of whom also dropped out because, for example, they had only been working in the library sector for a year. And traditionally, only 3 candidates can be voted on.

The nominated libraries

This is the designated location. Between brackets is the group of libraries to which the branch belongs. From 1 October, profiles and films of these libraries will be published on the website of Bibliotheekblad.

•Alphen Centrum Library (the Rhine and Venen Library).
• Budel Library
 (the De Kempen Library).
•CulturA & Zo Nootdorp 
(the Oostland Library).
•HuB.Bibliotheek Kerkrade
 ( the Library Kerkrade/Simpelveld/Voerendaal).
• the Venlo Library.

The nominated specialists

•Anneke Tiddens, reading and media consultant at Biblionet Groningen. Also consultant reading promotion and information skills, and specialist education.
•Jantien Borsboom, project leader KennisCloud / Program maker DigiLab & LocHal at Central Brabant Library
•Milet Verberne, marketing & communication specialist at the Hoorn Library.

Public votes
In addition to a professional jury, the public also gets a vote in the result. We do this by enabling everyone to vote for the library and specialist of his/her preference on the Library magazine website. Of course it is not possible to vote more than once. The libraries and specialists will present themselves by means of a video and a profile. You can vote on the website of Bibliotheekblad from 1 October to 22 October.

The Best Library and the best Library Specialist in the Netherlands is the one highly valued by both the jury and the public. The jury’s vote weighs twice this year for the first time. The library and library specialist who are chosen as the best will receive the NBD Biblion / Library Magazine Award.

Judgment by the jury
The five nominated libraries will be visited by the jury members, who will examine matters such as building & furnishing, services & products, service & customer focus, but who will especially have an eye for the social and cultural functioning of the library and the collaboration with individual and institutional partners.

Objective of the election
By means of the Best Library and Best Library Specialist, Bibliotheekblad wants to show that the Netherlands has attractive, high-quality, innovative libraries that are worth preserving. The competition creates a meaningful discussion locally and nationally about the place and function of a library in local society and generates a lot of publicity, especially locally and regionally. Employees experience a nomination as a great boost. The election of the best library in the Netherlands is emphatically not a prize for the most beautiful building. Its aim is to distinguish the branch that functions best and that optimally fulfills the functions of the Library Act.

1.Director-director of the Central Brabant Library and winner of the Best Library 2020 (LocHal).
2. Library advisor, auditor, chairman of the KB-Purchase Committee e-content and former director-administrator of OBA.
3. Director-administrator of the Library Bibliorura, board member of the Association of Public Libraries, architectural historian and creator of the blog Ten Aanval.
4. Advisor and interim manager, road planner Collective National Library System and former director-administrator of the New Library.
5. Senior advisor at Biblionet Groningen and winner of the Best Librarian 2018-2019.
6. Editor-in-chief of the Library Magazine.

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