Posted by: bluesyemre | October 19, 2021

A Library for life: Champaign Public Library

Community members tell us why they love Champaign Public Library. Serving as a vital community center welcoming every member of our community, the Champaign Public Library ranks in the top 5% of public libraries nationwide, earning a three-star rating from Library Journal. We inspire, inform, and connect our community! Website: Facebook:… Twitter: @ChampaignPubLib Instagram: @champaignpubliclibrary Donate: A Library for Life 0:06 Candace McMaster, Retiree 0:45 Karin Markovich, Parent 1:01 Stacey Robinson, Illustrator 1:29 Amanda Harris, Manager, Project READ 2:03 Charlisa Hart, Business Owner 2:32 Rajeev Malik, Board of Trustees 2:56 Huan Song, Launch at the Library user 3:23 Mallory Morris, (former) Associate Principal, Edison Middle School 3:47 Abby, Student 3:54 Leyton, Student 4:05 Thom Moore, Retiree

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