Posted by: bluesyemre | November 1, 2021

Pathways to Net Zero: The Impact of Clean Energy Report

The drive to curb carbon emissions — and remove carbon from the atmosphere to the point where society is making a “net zero” contribution to CO2 levels — is essential to secure our future on this planet. A new report by Elsevier aims to advance the understanding of research and innovation in clean-energy and how it supports the drive toward a net zero future.

Pathways to Net Zero: The Impact of Clean Energy Research is based on a study analyzing more than 1.6 million papers from Elsevier’s Scopus database, combining data with content and subject-matter expertise to gain unique insights into how research can accelerate efforts to mitigate climate change. It’s designed to:

  • Provide descriptive insights into dimensions of research collaboration and knowledge transfer of particular relevance to net zero innovation ahead COP26.
  • Serve as an opening to discussions around net zero research and innovation.
  • Act as a springboard for debate on research funding and collaboration, technological choices and policy setting.

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