Posted by: bluesyemre | November 3, 2021

Raki Production & Development of the World’s First Raki Flavour Wheel

We are delighted to welcome Duygu Beypinar, a leader in the Turkish raki industry, as our speaker. Duygu Beypinar is the Quality, Technical and Innovation Senior Manager at Mey Diageo, based in Istanbul.

Duygu completed her B.Sc in chemical engineering at the University of Istanbul and entered the distilling industry as a production engineer in Alasehir Distillery. Before managing quality, technical and innovation for 8 sites in Diageo Turkey, she worked for a number of senior operational, quality and innovation roles in raki distilling and bottling.

She has launched nearly 30 different raki brands to the Turkish Market and recently launched the first flavour wheel for Raki in the world. She has been working in Raki distilling industry for 16 years.

We’ll also explore the extensive work behind developing the world’s first Raki flavour wheel which defines the sensory characteristics of this complex and unique drink.


  • Duygu Beypinar – Quality, Technical and Innovation Senior Manager – Mey Diageo

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