Posted by: bluesyemre | December 29, 2021

A tour in Classical Athens (5th century BC 3D Reconstruction)

3D reconstruction of Classical Athens in the late 5th century BC. The city is presented the way it would look in the years before the defeat in the Peloponnesian War (404 BC).
The city of Athens was completely destroyed by the Persian army in the years 480-479 BC. In the years that followed, the Athenians managed to rebuild their city and by the middle of the 5th century BC, the statesman and general Pericles ordered an extensive construction programme that made Athens the centre of classical Greece. It was the time when the great temples on the Acropolis hill were built (Parthenon, Erechtheion) and many buildings of public administration for the Athenian Democracy.

The video presents almost all of the important monuments, spaces and areas within the city. The 3d reconstructions were made after the most recently published international research and a great effort was made to be as accurate as possible. Of course simplifications and artistic license are present in order to technically manage a big project as this one.
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INDEX 0:00 intro 0:49 city overview 1:47 the Demes of the city 2:02 main locations 2:13 the Acropolis 3:02 the Parthenon 3:32 the temple of Athena Nike 3:52 the Erechtheion 4:22 the Propylaea 4:58 Acropolis southern slope 5:05 the Theatre of Dionysus 5:19 the Archaic Agora 5:47 the Agora 6:43 the Mint, southeast Fountain and South Stoa of the Agora 6:59 public administration buildings of the Agora: Tholos, Bouleuterion, Stoa of Zeus, Basileios (Royal) Stoa 7:18 Temple of Hephaestus 7:34 Altar of the 12 Gods, Perischoinisma, Poikile Stoa, Lawcourts, Eleusinion, Panathenaic Way 8:10 the Pnyx 8:38 Collytus & Melite district (Amyneion, shrine of Heracles Alexicacus, Stenopos Kollytos) 9:00 temple of Artemis Aristoboule 9:13 Road to Piraeus and Piraeus Gate 9:28 Kerameikos 9:49 Sacred Gate and Dipylon 10:10 Demosion Sema (Kerameikos cemetery) and Academy 10:37 eastern part of the city: Olympieion, temple of Apollo Delphinius, Delphinion Lawcourt and shrine of Codrus 11:06 temple of Ilissus (Artemis Agrotera)

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