Posted by: bluesyemre | January 12, 2022

Tasmanian archives + heritage

Tasmania set up Australia’s first library in 1825 and was the first state in Australia to deliver an integrated library and archive network. Today, we deliver services from our many sites around the state, including the three islands—King, Flinders and Bruny—as well as offering a range of online services to our members.

We provide modern library services that are accessible and inclusive. We welcome people of all ages, interests and needs, offering:

  • a broad collection of lending items
  • online information, including databases and heritage collections
  • research and information services
  • free access to the internet, computers and support in their use
  • flexible spaces for individual study, recreation and group activity
  • a variety of programs, services and events for adults, children and young people that enable personal learning, growth and community connections.

Through the Tasmanian Archives, we preserve Tasmania’s documentary heritage for future generations, and serve as the continuing memory of Tasmania’s government and people. We are committed to making copies of our heritage items available online, to anyone around the world.

As well as providing opportunities for lifelong learning, social interactions and cultural inspiration, our services and programs directly contribute to our state’s growth, with an estimated economic impact of over $130 million annually.

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