Posted by: bluesyemre | January 13, 2022

World #Reading Habits in 2021 (#Infographic)

We read a lot more books in 2020 because of lockdowns. Did we read as much in 2021? That’s what we set about to find out in our 2021 edition of world reading habits. We’ve compiled all of our research into another fascinating infographic. Our infographic reveals which countries are reading the most, what they’re reading, and how the ongoing pandemic continues to impact reading habits across the globe.

Some highlights of our research includes:

  • People in India, Thailand, and China spend the most hours reading books per week
  • The romance genre is the most popular among US readers
  • Of all the generations, Millennials read the most books
  • Finland, Poland, and Estonia are Europe’s biggest bookworms
  • Audiobooks are growing in popularity in China
  • The pandemic led to a decrease in literacy rates in developing countries.

Want the low down on exactly how much the world are reading in 2021, and what we’re reading? Check out the infographic below to discover everything you need to know about worldwide reading habits in 2021

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