Posted by: bluesyemre | January 19, 2022

Central Sweden (A Trip to the Country and its People – Free Documentary Nature)

Sweden, right up on the border with Norway, 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle: Here Heidi Andersson lives in a village called Ensamheten – loneliness. That’s why everyone stays together, works with wood and in agriculture, and practices the same sport – arm wrestling. Heidi is an eight times world champion in this unusual sport for women and enjoys her life in “solitude”. The Baltic Sea coast in southern Lapland: Here you can find the herring delicacy surstromming, the “sour herring”. And as is so often the case with specialties, opinions differ – the smell and taste are definitely unique. Our journey then leads into the forests and swamps of Sweden. Around 400,000 moose live in the whole country. But you can hardly see them. Unless you visit Sune Häggmark. He takes care of orphaned and sick animals. Tourists have made it a business for him. Sundborn is located in the heart of central Sweden. After a visit to the pilgrimage site for Sweden fans from all over the world – the house of the most popular Swedish painter Carl Larsson – the trip to Sweden ends with Peter Mosten. He produces birch champagne. To do this, he drills holes in the trunks and taps the birch trees with them. He presses sparkling wine from the juice according to a secret recipe. Business is booming, and so he has set himself the goal of one day bringing 50,000 liters onto the market.

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