Posted by: bluesyemre | January 20, 2022

Tales from Cascadia by Blank Collective

Join us on November 9th for a LIVE premiere with Alexi Godbout & Stan Rey and the Salomon team. Hit the “REMINDER” button above and don’t miss out – athletes from the film will be on-hand to answer questions and provide behind-the-scenes insight while we watch the film.

A bioregion of volcanoes, watersheds and relentless coastal storms. A land as diverse as its people. A unifying identity of fun-seeking exploration. In 2021, the Blank Collective ventured down some less known roads in familiar territory, dove deep into the squall of winter and journeyed high above the valleys that we call Home. These are our tales from Cascadia.

Stan Rey
Alexi Godbout
Anna Segal
Chris Rubens
Jordy Kidner
Josh Daiek
Lexi Dupont
Drew Petersen
Cole Richardson
Ian Morrison
Aaron Blunck
Erich Hjorleifson
Leah Evans
& others.

Directed & Edited by Jeff Thomas & Alexi Godbout

Principal Cinematography by Scotty Titterington, Jeff Thomas, Mitch Winton, Hazen Woolson & Mitch Winton.

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