Posted by: bluesyemre | January 24, 2022

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – A Band A Brotherhood A Barn 

BARN the documentary film, directed by Daryl Hannah (dhlovelife), catches a rare intimate glimpse of this legendary band as they make music in a restored 19th-century log barn under the full moon. The film captures Neil and the Horse in an organic way, their easy irreverent humor, their brotherhood, and of course their music, as it was created. BARN intentionally lingers on single shots for entire songs, showing there are no tricks, revealing the raw, organic, and spontaneous process of the music bursting to life from unexpected moments. Exquisite changes of light and weather dance in the remote meadow where the barn sits, adding a sweet, mystical magic as the music thumps, reverberates, and echoes. The film is infused with the gratitude and joy that permeated the whole experience. Hear the album and visit the store at Experience all of Neil Young’s music at Neil Young Archives!

Neil Young
Billy Talbot
Ralph Molina
Nils Lofgren


Music Produced By:
The Volume Dealers – Neil Young and Niko Bolas

Adam CK Vollick – DP
DHLoveLife – Additional Cinematographer

Post Production
Lost Planet – Gary Ward – Producer

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