Posted by: bluesyemre | January 24, 2022

Skadi (A Swedish ski movie about a winter in the north)

In Skadi, we get to follow the two Swedish freeskiers Kajsa Larsson & Malou Peterson on a trip to the Northern part of Sweden. From mighty mountain peaks to ancient forests and tundra-like heaths, from green-white glacier meltwater to crystal clear rivers. Northern Sweden is home to the last remaining areas of extensive wilderness in Europe and in this ski movie you will witness the harsh conditions of the area. From Polar nights to midnight sun.

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Created by: Kajsa Larsson & Malou Peterson
DOP – Ola Krondal
Cinematography – Baptiste Sjostrom & Karl Sandrock
Big Mounatin Cinematography – Alexander Rydén
Big Mountain Guide – Morgan Salen
Nature Guide – Jonas Pålsson
Editor – Adam Falk
Sound Design – Hugo Burvall
Colorist – Joonas Mattila
Manus – Richard Boss, Malou Peterson & Kajsa Larsson
Garphic Design – Kajsa Larsson

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