Posted by: bluesyemre | January 25, 2022

Joint statement: Scientific knowledge must be protected to ensure a Europe fit for the digital age #COAR #CESAER #LIBER

COAR is a signatory of a joint statement (with CESEAR and LIBER) calling for protection of research and educational repositories from the unintended consequences of legislations that are being passed to regulate content sharing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.  While we generally support these efforts to regulate the large platforms, our concern is that legislations will place an undue burden on already overstretched repositories (and other not-for-profit content platforms) in the education and research sectors. We also want to begin to raise awareness of the fundamental difference of our sector from the large commercial social media platforms. While this issue is highly relevant in the European context at the moment, as lawmakers are debating the Digital Services Act, it goes beyond Europe as I believe there are a number of other jurisdictions are also looking at regulation of the large platforms. We welcome you to reuse these arguments in your own context.  The statement is summarized below, with a link to the full text.

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