Posted by: bluesyemre | February 10, 2022

Democracy Index 2021

As the number of people living in a democracy fell to less than 50%, the number of countries classified as an “authoritarian regime” increased in 2021. Meanwhile, western Europe recorded another drop and Spain was downgraded from a “full democracy” to “flawed democracy”.

A sharp year-on-year decline in the average global score was matched only once before, in 2010, following the global financial crash.

Explore essential topics covered by the report:

Norway takes top spot again and Nordic countries occupy five of the top six positions
Spain has slipped from a “full democracy” to a “flawed democracy” due to a weaker score for judicial independence
Eastern Europe still does not have a single “full democracy”, but three east European countries were upgraded to “flawed democracies” from “hybrid regimes”

Released today, Democracy Index 2021 assesses the state of global democracy in the face of the challenge from China and the covid-19 pandemic. Alongside regional outlooks, the report contains the full global rankings table covering 165 independent states and two territories.

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