Posted by: bluesyemre | February 11, 2022

Making open the default (SPARC Europe 2021 Annual Report)

“What came out of this challenging year allowed us to look into the future with hope. In the world of distance and enforced lack of contact, communities tightened and grew stronger around the shared goal of openness.”

We are pleased to share the 2021 Annual Report with you. It offers a look back into the past twelve months of our work and actions we took to make Open the default in Europe. 

This Annual Report is organised around the six strategic goals, showing projects and events that SPARC Europe engaged in over the past year to achieve the ambitious objectives outlined at the outset of 2021 in our strategy.

Some highlights of what you will find in the report include:

  • A sample of our efforts to influence and shape key international and national European Open Access and Open Science policy
  • Our work for CoNOSC: a key high-level European OS national policymaker group
  • A look at reports we produced ourselves and cooperated on with other organizations, including The OA Diamonds Journals Study downloaded more than 11.000 times
  • Exciting developments in network building with bustling communities of the Open Access Books Network (OABN) and the European Network of Open Education Librarians (ENOEL)
  • A review of SCOSS’s growth in 2021, reaching over 3.5 million EUR in total pledges

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