Posted by: bluesyemre | February 20, 2022

Exploring #Norway (A Winter Road Trip Adventure – Full Travel #Documentary)

After our roadtrip through Iceland 2 years ago Gareth and I were in search of a destination that offers just as much natural beauty and unique outdoor experiences as Iceland and ended up choosing Norway because of its rugged coastline featuring numerous huge fjords and thousands of picturesque islands. Regarding our route we’ll be starting off in Stavanger in Southwest Norway to learn more about the history of the country before moving on to Odda for some proper winter trekking. After that we make our way to Bergen, one of the most picturesque cities of the country which is often referred to as the fjord capital. Then we hit the slopes in Myrkdalen together with a well known Winter-X-Games athlete to warm up for the next dream destination further up north in Northern Norway: the Lofoten islands, which we’ll be exploring properly from west to east. The capital Oslo will be our last stop to finish this trip in style by visiting some of the major sights of the city and attending an intense football derby.

Chapters & Destinations featured in this Norway Travel Documentary: 00:00 – our trip & route 04:04 – Stavanger 10:59 – Odda & Trolltunga 17:47 – Bergen 24:36 – Skiing in Myrkdalen 27:34 – Bodø 30:21 – Lofoten Islands 40:18 – Oslo 50:14 – Outtakes

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