Posted by: bluesyemre | February 20, 2022

La Ligne (Crossing the #Alps on skis)

LA LIGNE is the story of a challenge taken up by two friends: to cross the French Alps from the Mediterranean Sea to Lake Geneva by ski touring and on foot. 518 km, 36,000 m of positive altitude difference, in 35 days and without motorized assistance. Skiing, walking, a few scares, lots of laughs. Beyond a mountain movie, it is above all a story of friendship.

Skiers et walkers :

Luc Demange
Paul Liberge

And also :

Mayeul de Bodard
Adélie Persoz
Paul Romiée
Thibault Hoff

1:07 Chapter 1: Snow Hunters 6:40 Chapter 2: Alone on the Ice 14:07 Chapter 3: Finally some good skiing… 20:01 Chapter 4: The powder of the Vanoise 26:44 Chapter 5: The last effort

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