Posted by: bluesyemre | February 21, 2022

A Day at the Beach 1928 (Biarritz France 1920s AI Enhanced 60 fps 4k)

Time travel back to roaring 20s Biarritz in France on a September day in 1928. By the 1920’s, the coastal resort of Biarritz on the Côte Basque in France attracted the fashionable and wealthy during the summer and early autumn. Those who could afford it, stayed at the Hôtel du Palais which was originally a summer villa built for Empress Eugénie. Her visits turned Biarritz into a popular summer resort. The film starts with clips from a hotel overlooking the beach, then a street fashion show. We then move down to the beach for a walk among the sunbathers and swimmers. In just a few years over the 1920’s, women’s swimsuits had evolved considerably when compared to those seen in our recent video “A Day at the Beach c.1921”. The roaring twenties saw seismic changes in clothing, style and social attitudes. Published by GlamourDaze by kind permission of the University of South Carolina. Their generosity and support in this restoration project is hugely appreciated. AI restoration by Filmed September 22 1928.

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