Posted by: bluesyemre | February 27, 2022

Museum of the Future Dubai Walking Tour

The most beautiful building on earth has finally opened its doors to its visitors! This 7-storey futuristic building gives visitors a peak into the world 50 years from now. There are a total of five experiences sorted on each level/floor of the museum. We begin our journey from the topmost level of the museum (level 5) and each level we reach we will be giving you a brief explanation of what to expect inside. The Dubai Museum of the Future is the home for optimistic imagination, committed for a more sustainable future for all. The goal is to inspire and empower people to positively shape humanity’s next chapter. The building’s form is futuristic: it opens a new path away from the highrise towers that dominate skylines everywhere. Its form is symbolic: The circular building represents humanity; the green mound it sits atop represents the earth; the void represents the unknown future.

00:00 Outside the Museum of the Future 01:12 Lobby 02:07 Level 5 OSS Hope 07:15 Level 4 the Heal Institute 14:54 Level 3 Al Waha (Oasis) 18:36 Level 2 Tomorrow Today 20:39 Viewing Deck 21:46 Events Hall 22:11 Level 1 Future Heroes 23:39 Museum Cafe (Lobby) 24:37 Outside the Museum (Sheikh Zayed road entrance)

Please visit their webisite to buy your tickets and for more information:

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