Posted by: bluesyemre | March 1, 2022

First Class Bus “The JET” from Washington, DC to New York City

Watch this video to see what a First Class Bus in the United States looks like. I took “The Jet” from Washington, DC to New York City! It claims to be an all-new, first-class travel experience that combines the luxury of a private jet with the affordability and convenience of a motorcoach. But, does it live up to the hype of a First Class Bus? Watch this video and you’ll see what it’s like to board, ride, and arrive in style on a First Class Bus with the Jet, a motorcoach a step above the rest. On this First Class Bus trip from Washington, DC to New York City, you’ll see the first ever “Hoverseats,” which effectively allow you to float above the bumps and dips of the interstate as you travel the 228 miles along the spine of the Northeast Corridor, I-95. From the First Class Bus attendant delivering food and drinks to you to ultra high-speed wi-fi, luxurious bathroom, and space-age seats, all of this First Class Bus experience can be yours for as little as $99. You’ll even meet the CEO of the Jet since he kicked off our First Class Bus ride! The Jet offers a First Class Bus from Washington and New York, and also makes the return First Class Bus from New York to Washington.

Check out the Jet’s website:

0:00 Introduction 2:12 Boarding the First Class Bus 3:05 Departing Washington, DC 3:45 The Jet Hoverseats 5:46 First Class Bus Catering 6:07 First Class Bus Bathroom 7:19 First Class Bus WiFi 7:57 First Class Bus Jebscore 9:44 First Class Bus Final Thoughts

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