Posted by: bluesyemre | March 1, 2022

These countries have the most female inventors

In Cuba, over half of all registered patent applicants were women in 2021.
Image: UNSPLASH/Daniel Herron
  • Data from the World Intellectual Property Organization shows the share of female inventors in applicants for international patents in 2021.
  • Cuba and the Philippines were the highest, with 53% of applicants in Cuba and 38% in the Philippines being female.
  • The global average was 17%.

The share of female inventors among applicants for international patents was highest in Cuba and the Philippines in 2021, according to data by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Worldwide, the share of women applicants stood at only 17 percent. Cuba, which only irregularly reports figures to Wipo, very much exceeded the global average with more than half of all registered patent applicants being women in 2021, as did the Philippines, where last year 38 percent of inventors were female.

Portugal was the highest-ranked European country in rank 3, followed by Romania in rank 6 and Spain in rank 10. Spanish-speaking countries were featured heavily among the top 10 and also included Costa Rica, Peru and Chile.

Ranking above average was China at 24 percent of female inventors. Other major European countries like Germany and the UK, but also Italy and Sweden, stayed behind the global average. The United States and France ranked about average.

One of the poorest performance was given by Japan with only 10 percent of women inventors. Similarly low scores were achieved by India, the UAE and Indonesia.

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