Posted by: bluesyemre | March 24, 2022

Portrait of Lotte, 0 to 20 years #FransHofmeester

Lotte from the Netherlands (Utrecht) becomes 20 years old in this film!

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Dutch artist & filmmaker Frans Hofmeester has filmed his daughter’s portrait every week from the day she was born for 20 years now. Every week the images are shot in the same style. With this footage he creates time-lapses which show the aging of his children within minutes.

He wanted to capture the changes because they were happening so fast so he started filming here every week. He made an incredible “coming of age” time-lapse. You are witness to one of the most mysterious, profound processes of human life – aging, the process of becoming older and growing up – accelerated into 5 minutes.

The music is made by Grammy Award winning Hollywood & Netflix filmcomposer Mateo Messina. I feel honored and we are very happy & pleased what he wrote exclusively for this film. He gave me explicit written permission to use this song. (The song is exclusively made for this film @2019)

To better understand the psychological phenomena of memory and time, Hofmeester sought for a concept that could be supported through the mediums of film and photography. The time-lapses confront us with our mortality. In a montage of 5 minutes, the viewer can observe one of the most mysterious and profound processes in human life – to grow up and age. Hofmeester attempts to create and preserve a sense of reality. Thus, the portraits are created without the use of extra make-up or filters – bare, honest, unpolished and uncensored.

So many emotions in just 5 minutes dictates the whole story of a teenager.

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