Posted by: bluesyemre | April 5, 2022

State of #Media and #Entertainment on Mobile in 2022

Mobile is the primary battle ground among media giants. In 2021, Media & Entertainment apps drove nearly 50% of global consumer spend in applications. Our latest State of Media & Entertainment on Mobile Report is powered by App IQ, allowing businesses to keep close tabs on granular shifts in consumer behavior, feature adoption, demographic preferences and regional differences in order to maximize their mobile growth. Download’s State of Media & Entertainment Report to equip you with the nuanced insights you need to succeed on mobile, including:

  • Which subgenres represent the biggest growth opportunities and how to compete in a market where competition is heating up
  • What video streaming (OTT) apps are favored by Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X/ Baby Boomers and how to optimize for your target audiencein a changing landscape
  • How Feature Tags illuminate strategic advantages or timely pivots and how to factor into your growth roadmap
  • Which keywords resonate in-market and how to refine your App Store Optimization
  • Which Entertainment subgenres are poised for market disruption and how to incorporate into your regional expansion strategy
  • Who are the market leaders, what innovations have fueled their growth and how to leverage best-in-class tactics to win on mobile

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