Posted by: bluesyemre | April 25, 2022

Riding the wave of martech change: Submerged in an unmanageable sea of technology and facing the next tide

Propolis – our exclusive community for B2B marketers to come together, share insights, learn from our handpicked industry experts and access our best content – is made up of eight ‘Hives.’ These Hives focus on the core topics of B2B marketing, and each year we build a comprehensive report for each.

With that in mind, our recent Hive report for the Marketing Operations & Process Hive asked marketers how satisfied they were with their tech stacks, how integrated they are, the challenges they face, and who’s in control.

Using the results of a survey and several qualitative interviews, we’re able to provide a status quo of where B2B marketers are at in their martech and marketing operations maturity, and provide guidance as to the next steps you could be taking.

This report is a highlights version of the full Propolis report, and gives you just some of the insight from our survey and interviews. Want the full picture? Check out Propolis here.

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