Posted by: bluesyemre | April 26, 2022

10 ways I keep up to date with the latest sustainability trends

Sustainability trends are constantly evolving in response to natural disasters like floods and fires as well as the impact of a global pandemic. Use less plastic, invest in renewables, stop eating meat, start a worm farm… there is so much advice out there it’s hard to keep up! So for Earth Day today I’m sharing my top ten tips for how to keep track of sustainability trends.

  1. Book shops: Scour the Science section of your local bookshop and note any titles that pique your interest.  You can then borrow them from your public library or put in a suggestion for purchase. It saves trees and gives your local library some love too.
  2. Online newspapers: I read the Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian every weekend, paying close attention to the book reviews. This is how I came across Jonica Newby’s book Beyond Climate Grief which makes a powerful statement about the effects of climate change.
  3. Twitter: I follow all the major newspapers as well as organisations like GreenpeaceUN Library and Plastic Free July. Twitter is a great way to stay up to date and start conversations with likeminded people.
  4. Instagram: Some of the sustainability accounts I follow here are: @cleanupaustralia, @ethicallykate, Maggie Zhou @yemagz and Clare Press @mrspress. I especially look for influencers who are advocates for sustainable fashion.
  5. TikTok: I never understood TikTok until I got lost in Eco Tok! Check out accounts like Lottie Dalziel @lottiedalziel, Kira Simpson @greenhub1, Angelica Di Camillo @ecofitbyangie and EcoTok @eco_tok for helpful hints and new ideas.
  6. Podcasts: Podcasts are a great way to take in new information. I recommend pods like: Wardrobe CrisisLittle Green Pod (for binge listening) and The Climate Question.
  7. Newsletters: Newsletters can help you to keep informed about sustainability trends. I subscribe to IFLA ENSULIBClean Up Australia Day and The Guardian’s Down To Earth newsletters. I filter them out of my main email account into a SlickInbox account which I check every weekend.
  8. Television and movies: I’ve watched The War on Waste and Fight for Planet A but I also pick up trends from programs like ABC NewsForeign Correspondent and Back to Nature. Obviously you can stream documentaries but if you still love the thrill of a theatre keep your eye out for film festivals and new releases. A good movie will make you want to change the world!
  9. Volunteering: I have volunteered with Greenpeace and Clean Up Australia Day. Volunteering helps you meet new people who share your passion for the environment… and it’s fun!
  10. Protest rallies: I went on my first climate change protest in Sydney back in 2006. Protesting makes you feel like you’re part of a movement (not just trying to combat climate change on your own!). If you can’t attend a rally you can often register to have someone march on your behalf.

That’s my top 10 tips for how to keep up with sustainability trends. I hope you find them useful and feel free to share some of your own. Happy Earth Day!

By Anne Reddacliff, ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group Committee Member

This blog is inspired by a blog post by Dr Kate Davis.

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