Posted by: bluesyemre | April 26, 2022

Iceland Travel Documentary (4×4 Winter Road Trip)

A big THANK YOU goes to everyone who supported us on this trip, especially Katarzyna Maria Dygul from Business Iceland, Bjarni Freyr and Pálína Georgsdóttir from ISAK 4×4 Rentals, Óskar Vignisson from Visit Vatnajökull, Guðný Lára Jónsdóttir from Atlantsflug, Helen María Björnsdóttir from Local Guide of Vatnajökull, the team of Blue Lagoon, and Alisa Silveira of BZ-COMM. Another thank you goes to Stephen Wright who captured some cool shots of us driving through a big puddle. And a very special thank you goes to Þórdís Pétursdóttir who helped us with the correct pronunciation of all Icelandic names (I may have gone overboard on Strokkur).

Key Stats:
Duration of trip: 14 days
Distance driven: 2400 km
Time of year: March
Region: Western and Southern Iceland, including Snæfellsnes, the Golden Circle, Vatnajökull National Park, and Reykjanes
Total cost: Roughly 7500 Euro (Flight 700 Euro, Car Rental 2300 Euro, Fuel 550 Euro, Parking 27 Euro, Accommodation 2130 Euro, Scenic Flight 400 Euro, Snorkeling 220 euro, Blue Lagoon 160 euro, Glacier Hike 430 euro, Food & Drink 600+ Euro)
Kia Duster spotted: 347

ISAK 4×4 Rental –
Glacier Hike:
Blue Lagoon:

Esjan Bus: (Charming, but thin walls. Best booked together with family/friends)
Arnarstapi: (Cannot recommend it in winter, no heating in the bathroom, and the shower was only warm for one minute)
Dís Cottages: (Can fully recommend, amazing view)
Blue Cabin: (Fairly spacious and nice hot tub!)
Umi Hotel:
Magma Hotel: (Highly recommended! Our favorite.)
Skaftafell Hotel: (Great access to a nearby glacier!)
Afternoon Cottages: (Very cozy)
Northern Lights Inn:
Airport Hotel: (Surprisingly good, and very convenient)

Full Disclosure:
This trip was partially sponsored by the above-mentioned local partners. We did not receive any additional payment for the production of our documentary, however. All accommodation, fuel, and food were paid for by ourselves. All opinions are our own.

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