Posted by: bluesyemre | May 15, 2022

World Map Depicting Tile Designs From Every Country

Decorative tiles are a quiet miracle: hygienic, durable, low-maintenance, and sustainable. Tile aesthetics have developed over thousands of years and multiple civilizations, while tiling’s basis in mathematics provides a link to the mysteries of the universe. Today, this art and science finds its ultimate expression at the hands of the hired craftsperson or the brave home DIY enthusiast.

But, perhaps because tiling as an industry took off in Victorian times, the wonder of the tile is often overlooked. After all, can there be true glamour in a decoration whose use depends on a substance called ‘grout’? Actually, yes. From vintage patterns to streamlined sophistication, tiling can make anybody’s bathroom or kitchen a place they want to be.

While some cultures have a world-famous tiling tradition from which to draw inspiration, others are less well known. Who better than QS Supplies to bring you a mapped guide to the most desirable tile designs from every country on Earth?

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