Posted by: bluesyemre | May 16, 2022

Canada Commons (The new home for desLibris/Canadian Electronic Library)

For almost 20 years The Canadian Electronic Library has been used by hundreds of Canadian libraries as an authoritative source for Canadian E-books, government and policy documents.

Trojman Corporation and Coherent Digital have developed a new version with more content and a new platform – Canada Commons.

Canada Commons is used by all kinds of libraries – academic, corporate, government, legal and public. It brings rare, hard-to-find content from Canada that’s relevant to a wide range of studies including sociology, anthropology, business and economics.

No other database has such extensive coverage of Canadian materials with

  • 25,000 Ebooks from scholarly and independent publishers
  • 180,000 Public Policy Papers from Think Tanks and Government Sources
  • Over 200,000 titles available now; new titles added daily!
  • A 4,000 entry directory of Canadian research and government organizations


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