Posted by: bluesyemre | May 20, 2022

Books Around America: Uncover the Books Set Nearest to You (#infographic)

You can travel our whole world, and infinite others, through books. Better still, a good novel supplies an erudite tour guide and a caravan of colorful characters to accompany you along the way.

Apply this theory to your hometown, and you can delve even deeper. Peel back the layers of what could or what absolutely shouldn’t happen behind the closed doors of your neighbors, and you’ll see, hear, and smell your neighborhood anew.

American literature is big. It’s not easy to find your way around. So, Crossword-Solver used Goodreads data to build a new interactive tool for the armchair traveler: enter your zip code, and we’ll reveal the book set closest to you. Further down, we use the stats to discover the literary nature of each state and the towns where you’re most likely to find yourself in a book.

Key Findings

  • New York City is the most common literary setting in the U.S., appearing prominently in 2,609 books.
  • New York is also the most-seen state in literature, although California is number one if you discount both states’ top locations. 
  • Every novel set in Pearl Harbor is listed as ‘historical’ on Goodreads.
  • 92.59% of all books set in Bloomington, Indiana, belong to the romance genre.

Of course, you could use this tool to plan your road trip reading. Enter the zip codes from your various stopping points and see what goes on, fictionally, around your motel. But why leave your armchair when it’s all in a book?

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