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Connect & Share #IFLA President-elect Candidate Mr. #ErtuğrulÇimen, Türkiye

Dear Colleagues, and Members of IFLA,

I am Ertuğrul Çimen, a librarian from Turkey who graduated from Hacettepe University (Ankara, Turkey) and majored in Library Science. I wish to run for the election, which will choose the next IFLA President who plays an important role in such a critical time.

My professional interests are academic library management, library consortia, library collaboration, resource sharing and document delivery, life-long learning, and staff exchange programs for librarians. I am the editor of professional academic journals such as Information Discovery and Delivery.

In addition, I have an active role in various NGOs and professional organizations at the national and international levels. I chaired the Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS) for two terms, which leads the electronic resource procurement, professional communication, and development activities of over 200 Turkish academic libraries and uses a huge amount of annual budget. I served as the founding coordinator of ANKOS Academy and ANKOS Personnel Exchange programs. In addition, I served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Librarians Association (TLA).

While continuing my career as a librarian, I have also completed the Finance and Banking Master’s program at Social Sciences Institute, Kadir Has University (Istanbul, Turkey). It turned out that the program provided me an opportunity to improve myself in areas that are very critical for an academic library administrator, such as budgeting, personnel management, and performance evaluation. I believe these skills and experiences will be beneficial to IFLA in terms of its financial and organizational management.

In IFLA, I took part in the Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Standing Committee for two terms starting in 2013. During my terms on DDRSSC, I served both as Information Coordinator and Secretary. The Committee won the IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award in 2020 with the Resource Sharing During COVID-19 (RSCVD) project that we developed and promoted to help libraries during the pandemic. Since August 2021, I have been volunteering as an IFLA Europe Regional Division Member and IFLA Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) Advisory Board member.

Dear IFLA Members,

The new IFLA structure offers all information professionals and librarians new opportunities for the long road to the Presidency.

Thanks to the opportunity offered by this change, I decided to run for the Presidency of IFLA, of which I have been a part for nearly ten years. I understand deeply the importance and responsibility of IFLA in representing and advocating globally for librarians, libraries, and IFLA values.

My motivation to be a nominee is my commitment to IFLA. This commitment is rooted in “its international advocacy role based on its traditions and values, innovative and creative practices, and the IFLA spirit created by its global diversity-based volunteers.”

With this motivation, when I am elected for the position in this critical period, I commit to;

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IFLA Activities by;
• creating a collaborative environment where not only resources will be shared but also the experiences, perceptions, and visions for the future.
• acting globally and serving as a local advocate while working for the development of global policies,
• accelerating the change process of the IFLA structure initiated in the past years,

Achieve social inclusiveness by;
• developing means for social integration-based access to information and library services for mobile, displaced communities,
• supporting the development of special services for disadvantaged individuals,
• being a permanent defender of the rights of societies, communities, and individuals to access information and freedom of expression. I will participate in global and local awareness activities and advocate for the free exercise of these rights,

Contribute to the profession by;
• advocating for respect to global and local laws in the production of information services and services and for taking measures to protect copyrights,
• working on the restructuring of librarianship education and the establishment of an international accreditation system,

While carrying out all the activities listed above, my personal attitude in this leadership role will be to;
• listen more, speak less and do more,
• adhere to human-oriented, environmentally friendly/sensitive sustainable policies,
• approach all issues with a fair and equitable perspective, and change will be my unchanging principle.
• always be careful being on the right side, open to dialogue, and applying constructive policies in solving problems,

In the post-COVID era, we are witnessing increased instances of violent political conflicts and intense debates on many issues with global impacts, such as migrations, climate change, and disinformation. This trend will continue, and there will be issues we have not predicted yet. Hence, IFLA’s future vision needs to be flexible but constantly reviewed and redesigned considering current societal issues, such as information pollution and manipulation, access barriers, and personal data security.

It will not be an easy task, but we will be successful if we work together and share our experiences and knowledge.

Being a librarian from Turkey, I often visited the Library of Celsus, an ancient library building constructed by Romans in the 2nd century, located in Ephesus, Anatolia. Standing on the ground of an ancient library building, I realized that our profession, Librarianship, is one of the oldest professions. For thousands of years, we have existed, our society and technology constantly changed, so do the materials we handle, from scrolls to books and data. However, our core value of preserving the information and making it available for our users have not changed. We continue the same mission, and it should not change in the future.
As a world citizen librarian who grew up in Anatolia, the center of tolerance, multiculturalism, and love, connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean and Asia to Europe, I have travelled to more than 30 countries worldwide for professional and personal reasons, learning about the libraries and library culture. I understand that IFLA Presidency is a very challenging position. However, I firmly believe my background and professional experiences uniquely prepared me to serve the role. So, I wish your support and vote in this election.

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