Posted by: bluesyemre | June 15, 2022

#AnaPopovic Shows

00:00:00 Instrumental 00:02:15 If Tomorrow Was Today 00:07:14 Can You Stand The Heat? 00:11:54 Object Of Obsession 00:15:55 Love You Tonight 00:23:17 Train 00:29:05 Long Road Down 00:34:32 New Coat Of Paint 00:43:20 Night By Night 00:46:54 Is This Everything There Is? 00:51:39 Last Thing I Do 00:57:39 Fencewalk 01:04:14 ? 01:07:33 Boys’ Night Out 01:14:35 Can’t You See What You’re Doing to Me? 01:22:35 Brand New Man 01:30:12 Lasting Kind Of Love 01:36:43 Too Late 01:48:19 How’d You Learn To Shake It Like That? 01:55:22 We Can Change The World

Ana Popovic – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Buthel Burns – Bass & Backing Vocals
Jeremy Thomas – Keyboards
Evan Knight – Saxophone
Jordan Carr -Trumpet
Kwesi J Robinson – Drums & Backing Vocals

Thanks to Albert Poliak & Ira Maltz for The Funky Biscuit
Props to Jeff Kissinger for the original audio magic!
Audrey Michelle & True Definition Media
Kudos to Sharon Wolf for the help filming
Special Thanks to Jesse Finkelstein & Audrey Michelle of Blues Radio International

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