Posted by: bluesyemre | July 4, 2022

Artificial Intelligence in Libraries and Publishing (Edited by #RuthPickering and #MatthewIsmail #FreeEBook)

What is the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of scholarly communication? What impact does AI have on the practices and strategies of publishers, libraries, information technology companies, and researchers? What exactly is AI and what are those in the realm of scholarly communication actually thinking about it and doing with it?
This Charleston Briefing seeks to provide some answers to these very important questions, offering both general essays on AI and more specific essays on AI in scholarly publishing, academic libraries, and AI in information discovery and knowledge building. The essays will help publishers, librarians, and researchers better understand the actual impact of AI on libraries and publishing so that they can respond to the potentially transformative impact of AI in a measured and knowledgeable manner.

Charleston Briefings: Trending Topics for Information Professionals is a thought-provoking series of brief books concerning innovation in the sphere of libraries, publishing, and technology in scholarly communication. The briefings, growing out of the vital conversations characteristic of the Charleston Conference and Against the Grain, will offer valuable insights into the trends shaping our professional lives and the institutions in which we work.

With Chapters By:
Daniel W. Hook And Simon J. Porter
Catherine Nicole Coleman And Michael A. Keller
James W. Weis And Amy Brand
Ruggero Gramatica
Haris Dindo
Todd A. Carpenter

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