Posted by: bluesyemre | July 4, 2022

State of Food & Drink on Mobile in 2022 Report

Demand for Food & Drink apps hit a record high in Q1 2022: global time spent grew 65% YoY. Convenience, cheap food and quick fulfillment are fueling demand in high-growth subgenres. Download’s State of Food & Drink Report to learn how to adapt to cost-conscious and time-sensitive consumers and grow your mobile business, including:

  • Which Food & Drink subgenres represent the biggest growth opportunities and how to standout amongst global competition
  • What ultrafast delivery, food delivery & QSR apps are favored by Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X/ Baby Boomers and how to optimize for your target audience
  • How Feature Tags illuminate strategic advantages for grocery delivery apps and how to factor into your growth roadmap
  • Which subgenres have the high affinity and how to use these to fuel organic growth
  • Who are the market leaders and disruptors —how to leverage best-in-class tactics to win on mobile

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