Posted by: bluesyemre | July 5, 2022

State of The Global Workplace 2022 Report

Before the pandemic, engagement and wellbeing were rising globally for nearly a decade — but now, they’re stagnant.

“Living for the weekend,” “watching the clock tick,” “work is just a paycheck.” These are the mantras of most global workers. With only 21% of employees engaged at work and 33% of employees thriving in their overall wellbeing, most would say that they don’t find their work meaningful, don’t think their lives are going well or don’t feel hopeful about their future.

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Whether employees are stressed because of work, or their stress is carrying over into work, one thing is clear: The world’s employees are feeling even more stressed than they did in 2020 (the previous all-time high).

Forty-four percent of employees experienced a lot of daily stress in the previous day. While almost half of the world’s workers felt the burden of stress, working women in the U.S. and Canada region were among the most stressed employees globally.

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Both Europe and South Asia (which includes India) dropped 5 percentage points in wellbeing in 2021, with South Asia having the lowest wellbeing in the world at 11%.

Workers in these regions not only felt like their current life was worse than it had previously been, their hope in the future also dropped.

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Only 45% of workers globally said now is a good time to find a job in their country (up slightly from last year, but less than the record 55% in 2019). The U.S. and Canada were the regional outlier for this item, leading the world at 71%, up 44 percentage points from the previous year.

The next closest regions are Australia and New Zealand at 59% and South Asia at 50%. The regions with the least promising job opportunities are the Commonwealth of Independent States (35%), MENA (28%), and East Asia (27%).

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Even though employees in the U.S. and Canada region are some of the most worried and stressed in the world, they’re also the most engaged.

The U.S. and Canada region is also No. 2 for wellbeing, and for the largest increase in wellbeing in 2021. Half of them say they are “living comfortably” on their household income (compared with 22% globally), and the job market in 2021 was exceptionally good compared with the rest of the world.

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