Posted by: bluesyemre | July 25, 2022

Arc’teryx Presents: WOGÜ with Nina Caprez & Cédric Lachat

WoGü is a dream, an illusion, a legendary route stretching ten pitches through the heart of the spectacular Rätikon range of Switzerland. WoGü is also a movie that offers humorous and insightful perspectives on the day-to-day work of big wall climbing, from both sides of the camera.

Throughout the ascent, we share the everyday moments of greater-than-life characters Nina Caprez and Cédric Lachat, elite climbers and long-time accomplices. We also follow the dedicated professional camera crew working 300 meters up in the air. From the first approach hike to the final ascent, WoGü reveals the tensions, hopes, falls, and simple joys of dangling your feet above the abyss.

All along the way we share the experiences and emotions that make big wall adventures so unique. Deciphered, decrypted, WoGü no longer remains a mysterious hieroglyph carved in limestone, but turns into an open book. We invite everyone to join in on the adventure, novice and initiated alike.

With : Nina Caprez and Cedric Lachat

A Film by : Mathieu Rivoire
Original Soundtrack : Mathieu Rivoire
Images : Guillaume Broust, Julien Christe, Marc Daviet, Mathieu Rivoire, Leonard Berner

Year of Production : 2020
Country of Production : France
Filming Location : Switzerland

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