Posted by: bluesyemre | July 26, 2022

#Corsica Travel Documentary (4×4 Road Trip on the Island of Beauty)

Follow us on our roadtrip around Corsica! Exploring the ‘Ile de Beauté’ in May, we drove more than 2000 km around the island and went on as many hikes as we could. From its scenic roads to its turquoise sea and shimmering water holes, Corsica surprised us with its variety of landscapes. Key Stats: Duration of trip: 28 days Distance driven: 2000 km on Corsica Time of year: May Total cost: Roughly 3200 Euro (Fuel 1600 Euro, Ferry 300 Euro, Camping 300 Euro, Activities 55 Euro, Parking and Toll 100+Euro, Food & Drink 800+ Euro) Goat Jams: 3

00:00 Intro 00:50 Bastia 01:15 Cap Corse 01:46 Erbalunga 02:30 Col de San. Giovanni 04:52 Sentiers de Douaniers 07:35 Cap Corse 08:20 Nebbio 09:50 Plage de Saleccia 11:25 Desert des Agriates 12:06 Plage de Loto 13:10 Sant’Antonino 13:32 Monte Astu 15:45 Asco Valley 17:25 Mouflon Spotting 18:17 Golo Valley 19:02 Lac de Nino 21:31 Wild Pigs 23:17 Monte Cinto 28:02 Spelunca Gorge 28:54 Golf of Girolata 31:05 Calvi 31:51 Corsica GT 32:20 Calanche 34:05 Capu Rosso 34:39 Plage du Liamone 34:59 Ajacchio 35:40 Inland Route 36:54 Filitosa 37:20 Plage de Roccapina 38:03 Bonifacio 40:32 Secret Waterholes 41:28 Lac de l’Ospedale 42:20 Piscia di Gallo 42:46 Castellu di Cucuruzzu 43:05 Bavella – Trou de la Bombe 44:16 Cascades de Polischellu 44:40 Cascades de Purcaraccia 44:59 Étang d’Urbino 46:00 Central Corsica 46:25 Monte Renoso 47:53 Corte 48:20 Restonica Valley 50:20 Drone Crash in Castagniccia 52:16 Beach along East Coast 52:49 Outro

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