Posted by: bluesyemre | August 10, 2022

Knowledge for all: University of Leeds Libraries Vision for 2030

University of Leeds Libraries are one of the major academic research libraries of the UK, with globally significant collections and a strong service ethos. We play a crucial role in the creation, dissemination, application and preservation of knowledge, critical to the success of the University’s strategic ambitions. We are a major cultural hub, enriching the University and the wider community through our unique collections, rich resources, expertise and innovative services.

The world around us is rapidly transforming. We continue to act as agents for knowledge, but the form and channels through which this knowledge is created, curated, accessed and preserved has changed. It is time for us to accelerate our journey towards digital, to embrace open education whilst continuing to enrich the academic and cultural life of the University and our communities. We aim to achieve this through our vision for 2030, Knowledge for all.

Knowledge for all consists of four strategic programmes and three underpinning themes to support the University strategy Universal Values, Global Change. It builds on our past and acts as a compass for navigating our future. It positions us to become one of the greatest libraries in the world.

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