Posted by: bluesyemre | August 11, 2022

eGovernment Benchmark 2022

The eGovernment Benchmark compares how governments across Europe deliver digital public services.

The eGovernment Benchmark evaluates provision and delivery of eGovernment services in 35 countries across Europe, the 27 EU member states and Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. Citizens from participating countries assessed digital government services, visiting and evaluating over 14,000 websites.

Malta emerged as the top ranked country in eGovernment with a score of 96%, followed by Estonia, Luxembourg, Iceland, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Spain and Portugal. The average performance across EU countries was 68%.

While administrations across Europe largely rose to the challenge and accelerated digital service transformation in the face of the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic, the report garnered three key recommendations aimed at improving eGovernment provision:

  1. Prioritise user-centric design to ensure that eGovernment services are inclusive to users in all their diversity, including users with poor digital skills or those living with disabilities;
  2. Rationalise the delivery of eGovernment services so that users may access all services related to their life event via single one-stop-shops.
  3. Streamline interoperability between the different layers and departments of government in order to provide a more coherent, less cumbersome experience.

The four dimensions used to evaluate online public services were:

  1. User Centricity – To what extent are services provided online? How mobile friendly are they? And what online support and feedback mechanisms are in place?
  2. Transparency – Are public administrations providing clear, openly communicated information about how their services are delivered? Are they transparent about policy making and digital service design processes, as well as about the way people’s personal data is being processed?
  3. Key Enablers – What technological enablers are in place for the delivery of eGovernment services?
  4. Cross-Border Services – How easily are citizens from abroad able to access and use the online services? And what online support and feedback mechanisms are in place for cross-border users?
  1. eGovernmentBenchmark 2022 – Insight Report (.pdf)
  2. eGovernment Benchmark 2022 – Background Report (.pdf)
  3. eGovernment Benchmark 2022 – Executive Summary EN (.pdf)
  4. eGovernment Benchmark 2022 – Executive Summary FR (.pdf)
  5. eGovernment Benchmark (2022) Factsheets (.pdf)
  6. eGovernment Benchmark (2022) Method Paper (.pdf)
  7. eGovernment Benchmark (2022) Source Data (.xlsx)
  8. eGovernment Benchmark (2022) Non-scored indicators (.xlsx)

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